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Paint Correction Services to Remove Scratches and Swirls from Your Vehicle

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Our customers ask us all the time: “What is paint correction?” Well, because most detailers make things SO MUCH more complicated than they need to be… we wanted to make sure all of our Columbus Ga. detailing customers can get easy answers right here!

Paint correction is detailer language for “fixing imperfections in the paint.” Paint imperfections range all the way from basic scratches, to swirl marks, and more. What is a swirl mark you might ask? These are those circular scratches you see in your car’s paint in the sun! Check out the picture below:

So why are detailers always talking about paint correction? Well… when a ceramic coating is put on car paint, most of the time there is a necessary amount of paint correction that needs to be done first. This smoothes out the surface, and allows the ceramic coating to bond properly to the paint! Not only does it make your vehicle look amazing, but it maximizes the life of the coating!

If you have any questions at all about paint correction and you are in the Columbus Georgia area, we would love to help clear the fog! Call us anytime!

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