Paint Correction
Columbus Ga.

Has your vehicle's paintwork become dull and hazy? Is there oxidation or swirl marks on the surface that distract from its brightness and glossiness more than you realize, even when taking meticulous care of it indoors under lights only during daylight hours because UV rays will fade any exterior finish over time! Our high-level detailing packages are exactly what this challenge needs. With three different levels available--from removing contaminants to restoring luster & clarity in as little time.

The paint correction process is a lot like touching up your car's finish. A high quality professional detailer will use products specifically designed for this task, and they'll buff off any excess with polished cloths before applying different kinds of coatings - removes stains from old varnish jobs; another more durable option ideal if you want an even smoother surface without worrying about chipping away at its depth too much (perfect when paired together)..